Good improvements

By Tineke, Signe and Luisa

Today little Hamza from Gaza had a follow-up appointment at Sheba Medical Center. Three months ago, he had a heart surgery, so he needed an echo to check how he is doing. Thankfully the doctor said that he‘s overall doing well and only needs to come back in three months again for another echo.

Before the appointment, Hamza looked really happy and was smiling a lot, but as the day went further he got really tired and fell asleep. To us, he seemed to be comfortable and relaxed the whole day, which was great.

Coworkers Tineke, Signe and I were so happy to hear from Hamza’s grandmother about how thankful she was for us and our work. She kept thanking us the whole day. She was at the beginning a little concerned not to be on time at the border crossing into Gaza; we had to wait a long time for the appointment. So she was even more happier when we finally collected everyone and got in the Shevet van to bring her and little Hamza back.

Let’s pray for little Hamza, that he keeps improving in his health. We thank God that he has been so well after his surgery.