Good news

Today coworker Bria and I went with Mariya and her mother to Sheba Hospital to have a dietary check-up. The drive to the hospital was very fun, even though we got in bad traffic; Mariya giggled a lot.

Before we had our appointment, we needed to wait a little bit so Mariya could practice her walking which was really fun.

The appointment was very good, the doctors are satisfied with her condition and the doctor said that it is great that Mariya can play with the food and is really interested in it too. She is also still gaining weight which is also a good sign. The doctors told us that the next step for Mariya will be to continue playing with her food as she’s been doing since her last appointment. The only change is that she will still get five bottles a day but in the bottle in the morning, she will get a little bit less milk. Instead of 220 ml, she will get 180 ml. The goal of this is that she gets a little bit hungry so she might put some food in her mouth while playing.

We have our next check-up in one month, and we pray that Mariya’s condition will continue getting better.  After that, we went to the stores and went shopping .