Good News!

Almuth and I were privileged to go to Hadassah again today, to visit baby Hassan. His beautiful grandmother was lying back in the recliner in the room, when we went in. It was a joy to see her at peace, well rested, and bright, as the whole experience of urgent ambulance transport and Hassan’s admission was a major upheaval for both of them. The only time I saw the exhaustion of the first day creep back into her countenance was when Hassan started to whimper before falling asleep. It’s hard to fully comprehend the toll seeing a beloved child or grandchild go through all of this takes on a parent or grandparent. Even though it means their health is being restored, and that may be the only thing that makes it bearable, it is never easy. Please pray that we can continue to minister to Baby Hassan’s grandmother, and to let her know she is not alone.

She told us the good news that Hassan had surgery on Thursday! He was extubated yesterday, and will possibly start taking milk tomorrow! Praise God! The full operation will be done in stages so he will come back for another surgery in four months, once he is recovered from this one.

Almuth, Hassan’s grandmother and I spent time together, (we met Hassan’s father via video chat!!) sometimes sitting in silence watching Hassan, sometimes talking about the Muslim holiday that is being celebrated or how beautiful the landscape is. At one point, with the nurses’ okay, we all went right  outside the ICU to a sitting area named the Healing Garden. We sat on the ledge of a huge window that spans most of the wall, and overlooks the mountains around Hadassah. For a few minutes we just gazed at the window, and I had this thought that all of this beauty belongs to God. The Creator of nature and humans alike. He’s Lord over little Hassan’s life, and I pray that through this time, the Holy Spirit will continue to work in his body and to stir his grandmother’s heart to know Him as saviour.