Good News!

We met the mother of Mohammed at the hospital today, as she had stayed there in the previous night. She is a really independent and competent person, and she had already tried to attend the echo before we arrived.

Yousif was able to help us sort out the payment, as we are still “strangers” in this hospital; Mohammed is one of the first few little ones who has been able to come here (the hospital has just published an excited article, as in him, they are able to welcome their first Syrian refugee patient). I look forward to when we have a relationship with this hospital and they know of Shevet Achim by our faces, rather than by an account number!

So, after we waited, there was very happy news for Mohammed today. The doctor found that the surgical result has been good, and he is looking so much better than before. One of the doctors had trained under Mohammed’s doctor in Jordan, and so he was able to contact his friends there to ask about availability of medicine. It also felt like a sweet provision from God, as I listened to him speak so highly of the doctor in Jordan. It made me feel even more confident that we can leave Mohammed in good hands, as we are able to now think about sending him home!

Praise God for how he cares for this lovely family. Please pray that they come to an increasing understanding of the love and care of God.