Good News: Admission Day

Fortunately we got in the morning a phone call from the hospital that Wareen can come to the hospital for her admission and possible surgery tomorrow. So we all were very happy about that and her father as well. When we arrived at the hospital Wareen was almost getting her bed in ICU straight away. From the first moment there every nurse who saw her was just loving her and her cute smile and blue eyes, so she made a lot of friends there. After making some tests in her room there which Wareen didn’t like, the nursesĀ  took her to make a CT scan. They made the CT scan with sedation but it was fine for her. Afterwards they gave her oxygen.

Wareen’s father and Diana went to the surgeon to speak about the procedure tomorrow. Wareen and her dad had a long day with a lot of tests but they both were patient and lovely. It was also very helpful that Wareen’s father can speak English. Hopefully Wareen will have her surgery tomorrow early in the morning. Please pray for a successful surgery and for the surgeons that they will be calm and do a good job.