Good news, bad news

Eva is a child who has a knack for recovering from everything very quickly, and she continues to prove that and defend her reputation at Sheba Hospital. From being dead for eight minutes, to being unable to breath without a ventilator, to being unable to travel to Israel, she is a little girl who hears anything a doctor says, and does the opposite, which funnily enough has been a blessing.

Eva had displayed signs of neurological damage since she was taken off of the ventilator, only about a week ago. Both Shevet staff and her mother were concerned with the prospect of permanent damage. However, today we got the news that after having oxygen deprivation from such a complicated condition, and being on a ventilator for weeks, the brain damage is just atrophy, and will heal with some time.

While this news was met with praise, there was a small disappointment that Eva’s diagnostic catheter needed to plan her surgery will not actually occur tomorrow, but rather later, hopefully early next week. This is a small delay, but Eva is still in good and stable condition, and is able to make the wait, we will pray to assist her anyway, to spiritually cheer her on, and intercede that God will give strength.