Good news for Mustafa

We were all excited because the Lord helped expedite Mustafa’s CTA so that it was done today! His previous appointment was to have been more than three weeks later, so the Lord is good. We were ready to leave the Shevet base for the hospital when we found out we needed to take Israa with us to be admitted for surgery, so we hurried to get everyone ready and not be late for Mustafa’s appointment.

When we arrived at the desk, the receptionist handed us a form to fill out in Hebrew. When I asked for an English version she said they didn’t have one, so she would ask us the questions and fill it out for us. There was then a discussion about whether they would let Mustafa have the CTA, since he was supposed to have had a blood test first. If we went to have a blood test now, he would miss his scheduled appointment time. The blood test requirement was printed plainly in Hebrew on the appointment letter however, the nurse informed me, still they usually tell us if something needs to be done ahead of the appointment and since none of our Shevet nurses read Hebrew…Oops!

So I began to pray and sent a message asking everyone else to pray too, knowing that this appointment has been scheduled for over a month and it could take a while to get another one! We were told to wait for the receptionist to talk with the Doctor to see if he would go ahead without the blood test since Mustafa had already had a previous CTA without a blood test in Kurdistan a few months ago. After about half an hour she appeared with a slip with a number on it and said that the Doctor had okayed it and he would be allowed to have it. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!

We video chatted with his sisters while we waited, they are excited that his appointment is earlier too, as this means that he and his mother will be able to return home sooner. Mustafa is really hungry since he had to skip breakfast because of the test. I promise him food the moment he’s done and they call our number to get prepped for the test. Mustafa is tough as they insert the long needle into his arm and inject the contrast for the test. When it’s all over he asks me to guard the cd with the results very carefully, as he would rather have ten surgeries than have to do that again soon! As promised, I got him food while we were waiting for them to print the cd and he was very pleased to get McDonald’s for lunch.

Mustafa has such a big heart for all the kids and is always helping the other moms here entertain their children. He told me today it’s because he remembers what it’s like for these kids since he was here once before when he was four years old to have his first heart surgery and he wants to help make it as easy as he can for them.

When they gave me the cd they said “good news for Mustafa”, so now we just have to wait until his next appointment to find out what the good news is when the Doctor tells us the results. When we were finished we went over to the ICU so his mother could translate to Kurdish for Israa’s father. We are so thankful for her here! She speaks many languages and translates all day long for everyone. She mothers everyone around her with a sweet and quiet spirit. She has also been through this before and helps the moms when they are struggling.

We give thanks to God for working out each detail of today and praise him for His hand at work!