Good numbers, good growth

Our little Anas is now four months old and had a dietary appointment today at Sheba Hospital. It was a pleasant reunion with this family when we collected them at the Erez Border Crossing.

The nutritionist asked a few questions at the beginning of their appointment, and then asked us to get Anas’s height and weight by ourselves. I was glad to see that another Gaza mother was in the same hospital area and was able to assist us as she knew how to work all the tools to get these measurements.

Anas had good results. He’s gaining weight without any supplements other than mother’s or powdered milk bottles. The nutritionist was so happy to see how much he has grown. Anas’s grandmother chimed in that she’d like to cook all kinds of traditional dishes for Anas. The nutritionist was pleased with this kind of family support and enthusiasm, but recommended they all wait until Anas turns at least six months of age.