Good plans for us

Written by Bethany:

Today coworker Max anHospital to see how Eva was doing and to visit with her mother. The doctors had said before the weekend that they would trial taking Eva off ECMO today. They were willing to try they said because her heart and blood pressure looked steady and strong. However her lungs proved not ready to be off the machines yet when they gave it a go this morning. Eva’s mother was quite discouraged about this. Tomorrow the doctors will try again to see how Eva does. The doctors are hopeful in Eva’s progress and God willing there will be a good result with the trial tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for Eva and her mother. We spoke for a long time today and Eva’s mother is confident that God has good plans for us and that whatever happens, it is in God’s hands. We praise God for his continued care of Eva and her mother and we continue to pray without ceasing for this beautiful little girl.

Written by Jonathan:

Eva’s blood pressure and heart function held steady when doctors reduced her ECMO support for ten minutes this morning, but her lungs weren’t ready yet. They will try again tomorrow and are hopeful. Eva’s mother is at the end of her own strength and is now resting.