Good Progress

Early this morning we took our sweet Mateen with his beautiful mother to his first follow-up appointment after surgery. He is such a cute and handsome boy. When we arrived to the hospital they did a blood test and he cried a little less than his mom. She loves him so much and they are both really brave. Also, they took an ECG, vital sign and an echo. Thank the Lord these showed a good surgical result. Mateen is gaining weight which is great. The doctor saw that he has some liquid in his right lung and also some regurgitation, but the doctor feels this is not a big problem. Some medications were decreased and will be stopped, and only one was increased which overall is positive. For now moving forward, Mateen will need a special milk which is safe for him to drink whilst he has liquid in his lungs. He will have another blood test in one week and see the cardiologist again in two weeks time. Praise God mom could understand everything today and asked everything she wanted to as she met a volunteer and discovered they both speak Farsi. Mom was overjoyed to be able to speak Farsi today. She had a good time.

Please pray for Mateen and join with me to declare in the name of Jesus that the liquid in his lung is gone and also we declare his complete recovery, also strength and peace in his wonderful mother.