Good surprizes

Today we brought Somaia a stroller! The doctors want her to learn to sit up, and to see things outside of the view from her hospital bed. When I brought Somaia’s aunt the stroller, she mentioned that Somaia is now nine months old! I was so surprised – already so big! But when I walked into her hospital room, it wasn’t so hard to believe. Somaia was sitting up against some pillows, smiling and sticking out her tongue at her aunt.

I was also surprised to see that her hair is getting long enough to be a bit curly – I didn’t know Somaia’s hair was curly! While I was visiting with her aunt, some doctors came in and fed Somaia some blue milk. The blue dye was to see if she was breathing in some of the milk, or if she was drinking properly. Somaia didn’t seem to want to drink – she kept opening her mouth in a wide smile instead of sucking on the bottle. But eventually she finished the bottle, and the doctors were pleasantly surprised that she hadn’t choked at all. However, since she is not drinking well on her own, they still want to place a PEG tube for her tomorrow.

Please be praying that this is the right decision for her. And praise God for His healing in her life so far! This was a long time coming for this little one to have come this far.