Good to be here

Wasim is a 17 year old boy from Gaza, who has been waiting for an appointment at Wolfson Medical Center. But each time he would apply to get into the hospital, he was denied.

For the last week, we were trying to get him urgently accepted at Sheba Medical Center and on Friday, they told us there was a bed available for him.

We contacted the authorities at Erez border crossing while they were in the middle of their Friday prayers. After expressing to them the urgency of this boy’s case, they agreed to help him and began working on his permission. Praise God, Wasim arrived at ten pm on Friday night. He received a CT scan today, and is waiting in the ICU until the doctors make a plan for his surgery. Praise the Lord, he is stable.

I had the pleasure to be one of his first visitors along with co-worker Yusef. We entered his room and were astonished, as this young man didn’t look like a seventeen year old. He is very weak, has a small body, his voice is shaky and his eyes are very sad. So we recognized at the first moment how ill he is, and how urgently he needs help. His tough mother stood loyally by his side and doesn’t let him out of her sight. It’s a wonder, how strong she is. But she must… for herself and for her son.

Please pray for this lovely duo, that they can get the help they have been needing for a very long time.