Goodbye, Sunshine!

Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet little Nyaz and her beautiful lovely mom.

After her final echo two days ago, flights were quickly booked, and — thank God! — she could travel together with our 12 year-old Lana and her mother, at least the first flight to Amman. From there, they had to split, because one was going to Erbil, the other to Suleymaniye. So that they were able to go together on the first flight without having the same destination was really quite unusual and a real reason to give thanks for to God!

Of course Nyaz’ recovery and leaving was also celebrated with a farewell party yesterday, which was for her as well as for Lana and Mohammed. Like every girl who is having a special party she dressed up and was just like a ray of sunshine, smiling, enjoying and just making you feel good when seeing her.

This is how Nyaz has always been throughout the time she has been here. Her mom will not be missed any less than that, her beautiful mind and heart had such an important impact on the whole community. May God bless her multiple times for all the effort she has given to our community.

When saying goodbye to them at the airport today, it was a divided feeling. Of course it is sad to see these beautiful people leave, and we will miss them greatly. But their place is not here, their place is not in the hospital. I am really grateful for them now to be able to return to their family, especially Nyaz’ father, and go back to usual life. May God hold His hand over them, protect them, let Nyaz grow into a strong, healthy woman. May He let the love and kindness they experienced here have a lasting impact on them, so that they might understand, everything was only possible through Jesus and through His love to them and to us.

I will not forget mum’s giggles and happy waves when passing the hand luggage control! May God be with them.