Goodbye to our beloved girl

Gashbin did it! She finished the long time in Israel and is now finally going home.

Saying goodbye to our beloved girl was very hard. During the last three months Gashbin became a joyful part of our Shevet family. So letting her go didn’t happen without shedding a few tears. As Gashbin and her mum climbed into the car tears were running down their faces but seeing the others waving them goodbye made them smile.

When we arrived at the airport Gashbin‘s curiosity came through and she examined everything closely. Once again I was amazed by her interested and smart mind. The airport staff was very kind with Gashbin and her mum, who seemed scared of the flight since she had to do it on her own. But God cared for them, one member of the staff was assigned to guide them through the security and to their gate. The moment we had to part from Gashbin and her mum was very emotional and I felt their love and gratitude they had for us. A beautiful feeling and two beautiful persons I will keep in my heart.

Praise the Lord for this good take off and his help throughout the healing process.