Goodbye, with a perfect smile

Praise God! Our cute little Musa can eat on his own and is discharged to his home in Gaza. Coworker Doro and I collected Musa and his mother from Sheba Medical Center and brought them to the Erez Border crossing.

Musa was smiling all the time and said goodbye with a big perfect smile on his face. The time with his lovely mother was very nice. She taught us a lot of Arabic words on our way to Erez.

Musa will return in one month for an appointment with his plastic surgeon. In two months, he will also have an echo. So, we will see beautiful Musa again.

We can say goodbye with a big smile like Musa, because God brought him so far and created and loves every child and human on this earth so much!

Thank you all for praying with us for Musa.