Grace and patience

Maryana had another echo this morning at Sheba Hospital. She’s getting used to the process now and barely even cried– she’s come a long way since her first echo! As long as her mom was nearby, she was content to watch videos and look at photos of her sister.

Unfortunately, Maryana’s echo showed that the narrowing around her pulmonary valve and arteries is severe enough that she likely needs some intervention before it’s safe for her to go home. Her cardiologist expects that this can be done in a catheterization rather than a surgery, and will discuss her case at the doctors’ conference this week.

Maryana’s mom took this news with a lot of grace and patience. In fact, this characterized the day, as she and Maryana had to wait several hours at the hospital before there was a car that could bring us home. Please pray for continued strength and patience for her and Maryana as they wait for the next steps.