Grandma and mom swap places

Today was a big day for Somaia’s family. A long time prayer was answered, and Somaia’s grandmother was able to leave Sheba Hospital where she has been Somaia’s caregiver and was able to go home to Gaza, and Somaia’s mother was allowed to come in her stead, just in time for Eid this weekend. Somaia’s mother and grandmother were effusive in their joy. The excitement spread to the PICU staff as well, who had become close with Somaia’s grandmother. It is not often that smiles and laugher enter the PICU.

In addition to Somaia getting to be with her mother, she also had a successful catheterization procedure earlier this week that showed promising results for her future surgery. Now Somaia needs to continue to grow, so her surgery can happen safely. We pray that Somaia will sense the joy and love surrounding her and find the strength to keep growing!