Grateful and thankful hearts

Today, three of us headed to Sheba Hospital after having prayed as a community beforehand for Eva and her mother, that we would receive encouraging news. On arrival we noticed that Eva’s mother looked far more rested and relaxed which she confirmed was the case.

Shortly thereafter the treating doctor for Eva paid us a visit and Eva’s mother requested information on two observations she had noticed. In the first instance, she expressed concern that Eva’s right arm was swollen more than her left arm. The doctor quietly explained that at some stage they noticed Eva’s cannula in her right arm had become dislodged and subsequently ensured that Eva’ cannula was appropriately affixed so this would not reoccur again. The doctor explained that despite outward appearances the excess fluid had reduced and that it could be several days before there was a noticeable difference and there was no need to be concerned or alarmed.

Secondly, Dyki Eva expressed her concern that in the last three days Eva had not responded to her voice with bodily movements as previously had occurred and therefore she was concerned that this might indicate a problem. Once again the doctor informed her that they had begun reducing Eva’s blood medications in addition to her sedation medications and this was a slow process and the non movement was not an unusual occurrence. Dyki Eva took comfort in this information. In conclusion the doctor informed us that the hospital would be performing a brain wave test later in the day and this test would be conducted over some hours to obtain a longitudinal overview of Eva’s brain functioning and once again this was within normal parameters.

During the next seven hours, different doctors and nurses would come at intervals to check Eva conducting their observations and treatments in an orderly manner and at no time demonstrated any concerns that would evidence any major problems.

The day proceeded in an atmosphere of calmness and professionalism with usually a nurse visiting and ensuring normal treatments that had been scheduled, happened. Several hours before we left to come home, a doctor came in and began the procedure for testing Eva’s brain wave functions. After what seemed like 30 minutes, the monitor clearly indicated a wave pattern of brain functionality which was an encouraging sign. The doctor came in once more while we were at the hospital and after reviewing the wave patterns was clearly comfortable with what she saw and departed. It was very noticeable and apparent that the doctors and nurses were pleased at what they observed and at no time appeared concerned, rather simply carried out their normal duties in a calm professional manner.

We left believing we had seen and witnessed the hand of the Lord on Eva and her Mum and said our goodbyes after a time of pray for Eva. We thanked the staff and departed for home a little weary, but invigorated and encouraged by the events of the day and grateful to the Lord who had answered not only our community’s prayers but also the prayers of many people around the world who have been praying for Eva and her Mum.

With a grateful and thankful heart, we arrived home believing we had experienced a very positive day yet understanding that there is still a ways to go.