Gratitude for a Long-Awaited Surgery

Yesterday evening after Shabbat, Saida’s mother called me and wanted me to translate what the doctor was saying to her. She said, “Tara, I don’t understand.” The nurse told me, “Saida is able to have his surgery tomorrow.” I translated this and the mother of Saida was happy when she heard this news.

Today Sonia and I went early to Sheba. We came to the room and there he was with his mother smiling. Saida looked so happy and also his mother. It was wonderful to see that both of them were happy.

After a few hours of waiting, it was time for the surgery. The doctors asked some questions to the mother and then they took Saida for surgery. His mother was sad but so grateful, that Saida was finally having surgery. Everyone was so kind and this made his mother calm. The doctor asked for some words in Kurdish like, ”thank you” and “good luck.”

After a few hours, the doctors came out and said that everything is fine. Later at 8 pm we could go and see Saida. Saida was fine and the mother of Saida looked calm and glad.

Today was a long day but a very good day for everyone. We, including Saida’s special mother, had a feeling of gratefulness in our hearts.