Great echo results

Today was a very long day for our little friend Mohaned. When we picked him up from Gaza, he was very tired and agitated, which lasted until we were in the Echo room at Sheba Hospital. But we managed to calm him down a little so he wouldn‘t be that scared of the Echo-machine. He was even kind of happy when he got the chance to play a bit with it.

When we were done with Mohaned’s appointments, his doctor told us that everything is fine and he just has to come back for a check-up-Echo in four months. When we heard that, we were very relieved and could enjoy the playtime in the waiting area. We will definitely miss cute Mohaned and are looking forward to seeing him again in four months!

Heavenly father, we want to thank you so much for little Mohaned and that we got to know him. Thank you, that he does so well, that he could go home today.