Great Healing

Today we went to visit Zhya in the hospital; the day after his surgery. It was almost 24 hours after he came out from the surgery at the time when I saw him – we are always told how this is the most critical time. So despite having prayed so much for Zhya, I was still a bit apprehensive about going to visit him after this very high risk surgery.

Thank God that the report was good from his mum and also from the medical team. Zhya hadn’t had any incidents during the night, and his little body was stable and doing well. Praise God for this amazing work! I felt the relief, and was so happy to share this joy with Zhya’s mum as well. She was happy and bright today and very chatty.

The medical team plan to reduce one of his sedation medications, and are hopeful that he can be extubated soon, maybe even tomorrow.

Praise God for his protection over Zhya during these critical hours and please continue to intercede for the life and health of Zhya. Please also ask God to pour out his peace into Zhya’s mum here in Israel, and his family in Kurdistan, esepcially for his father who is unwell, and for his brother who we have spoken with often to help with translation.

Its clear just how loved Zhya is by his family. He is a precious boy, and thank God for his favour over his life in these last days.