Great improvement for Ayub

Today was a long day with tree trips to the Gaza border to pick up and leave mothers and their children. It is a certain atmosphere there that only can be felt and is hard to describe in words. It was great to also visit the Sheba hospital for the first time this afternoon.

When we arrived there, almost all parking spaces were taken, but we managed to get a place at the end of the big complex after dropping off the mothers and the children. Sheba hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Tel Aviv. I am amazed how these young volunteers that have just been here a month, guided me along and knew all the details and procedures.

After being greeted by so many nice staff who helped us with some paperwork, it was time to see the children in the ICU.

Ayub is one of the children from Gaza. He had his TGA repair surgery Sunday 11 September. When we visited him today, his mother was so happy to see the volunteers from Shevet Achim again. Hear whole face lit up. You can tell that these daily visits from people who care about their wellbeing and their children, means a lot to them.

It was so amazing get eye contact with Ayub, and to lay may hand and pray life and health to this tiny little child that is so loved by our Father in heaven. When we talked to the doctors, they were excited that the operation had turned out so successfully, and Ayub’s health improved better than expected. The doctor hopes to move Ayub from the ICU to the secondary ICU any day now.

¬†We pray that Ayub’s health will continue to improve in the fast manner in which he has already done¬† thus far.