Grown since his surgery!

When I arrived at the Sheba Medical Center and saw Mohammed, I couldn’t believe how big he was! He has grown so much since his surgery! But still he was the same gentle and sincere little boy as always.

We had a bit of a wait before being released but his mom (seen here below) didn’t mind having to wait another few hours for the report to be ready. At 3:00, though, she was ready to go.

We have a lot to thank God for. Just after Mohammed’s surgery, he suffered a small stroke and as a result there are only mild effects remaining, thank God. He will be doing physiotherapy exercises to help the left side of his body which was affected. But he is doing very well.

When we got back to the Jaffa base everyone was thrilled to see them again and they have been settling in to life here again. Thank you for praying for this wonderful boy, please continue to hold him on prayer.