Gulping from a bottle

Little Wateen was sound asleep and completely peaceful today in the Children’s Ward of Hadassah Hospital. She is being fed from a 50 ml. bottle every three hours and it was my turn to give her the bottle.

She gulped for a few seconds and definitely filled her tummy as she became sleepy almost immediately and went back to sleep. I couldn’t get a single burp from her.

Any portion of the bottle not finished orally is then fed to Wateen via a tiny tube inserted down her throat, through her nose. The tube needed to be taped to Wateen’s scalp in a specific way so there was a little hair shaving for our little Wateen. It will grow back soon.

Wateen’s mother is arriving tomorrow, God willing. She will replace Wateen’s grandmother who has been with her since Wateen’s arrival to Hadassah.