Hadeel is home in Kurdistan

Lovely Hadeel and her father are reunited with their family back in Kurdistan now. Hadeel’s last echo showed that her heart was working very well now, and could be cleared to return home. We noticed that her behavior had improved because she wasn’t crying so much anymore during her last days here with us.

We really enjoyed Hadeel’s stay with us here at Shevet. During her time here, it was a new task for her father to take care of his lovely daughter, as back in Kurdistan it is usually the mother who is taking the most care of the child. But he did a really great job, and it was nice to see how much he loves his cute Hadeel and that he grew more in knowledge of how to take care of her. They have a nice father – daughter relationship.

This past Thursday, co-worker Georgia and I brought them to the airport with another Kurdish mother and they traveled back to Kurdistan together. Hadeel’s father shared with us the next day that they had arrived safely and were very happy to be back.

It was nice to see them reunited with their family. It is always wonderful to meet these families and to really get to know them so well during their time here and to experience the unique ways in which God is blessing all of them.

The cute Hadeel needs follow-up examinations back in Kurdistan. Please continue to pray for her.