Hadeel’s first assessment

Hadeel and her father came to Sheba hospital today for her first assessment. She is looking much better than yesterday, after taking a bit of a rest from the traveling. Hadeel’s father patiently waited through several protocols in hospital today. He is dedicated to Hadeel, and is pleased to be here. She is his second daughter; Hadeel’s older sister doesn’t have any problems with her heart and so this was a surprise for the family.

It is good to hear that Hadeel’s father has been brave to come. He is aware of the difficulties of coming away to a new country; he speaks Kurdish and only a little English and Arabic. However, he says, “What else can I do?” He believes there is no choice when it comes to his daughter; he needs to trust in God and here they are in Israel!

There are a few other families from the same area of Kurdistan, whom we met today in the hospital. I imagine it must be nice to know and speak with others who share the same language.
Hadeel fell asleep at the perfect time and slept throughout her echo. The doctors will review all the assessments carried out today, and let us know their decision about surgery for Hadeel.