Hala’s PEG tube cancelled

Hala was scheduled for PEG las t week at Hadassah Hospital because she was unable to swallow well. That’s why she still had an NG feeding tube in her nostril. They tried to find the real cause of the problem, so MRI and ENT examinations were done, but they could not determine any serious etiology.

PEG is a kind of operation to make a window of skin near umbilicus to put food directly into her stomach via syringe and tube. But doctors have cancelled the PEG operation because she was not breathing well. However, Hala looked good today as far as breathing on her own and I prayed for a cure of her esophagus, lung and other organs. I said to Hala’s mom to train her with a pacifier. Hala seemed to suck strongly with a pacifier. If she sucks very well, that would be good sign to swallow afterwards.

Also, her SpO2 was 99~100% after proper operation. We pray that Hala would be blessed with swallowing delicious milk and food in her life ,just like one of us.