Shakar’s mother gleamed with love as she fixated on a photo taken almost three weeks ago of Shakar. In the photo, Shakar’s chestnut brown eyes radiate warmth. His smile emanates joy. His mother’s gentle hands securely support him as he sits on a hospital reception counter. Shakar’s mother repeatedly exclaimed how beautiful Shakar appeared in the photo.

As her eyes shifted from the photo towards her beloved son, who was resting in the pediatric intensive care unit crib, she started sobbing. Unable to embrace her precious son due to the innumerable lines and tubes supporting her son, she gently touched his heavily bruised arm.”Shakar is cold,” she stated in Kurdish. Indeed, Shakar’s extremities felt cold, primarily due to the poor perfusion of blood throughout his body. The doctor reported that Shakar has multiple organ failure, including bowel necrosis. Shakar is hemodynamically unstable, but is currently supported by maximum pharmacological support and mechanical ventilation respiratory support. The hospital team at Sheba Medical Center verbally and compassionately expressed their commitment to caring for Shakar during this difficult time.

While gently stroking his soft brunette hair and softly humming “Hallelujah” amidst the frequent blaring alarms and flashing numbers on the monitor, God reminded me to praise him in all seasons of life. Praise God for creating Shakar so intricately and wonderfully. Praise God for supplying his every breath and heart beat. Praise God for every precious moment with Shakar and his mother. May we continue to praise God in all circumstances. Thank you for your spiritual support by praying for Shakar and his family. His mother expressed gratitude for the prayers. Please continue to pray for peace and for Shakar’s family to find hope in a life beyond this temporary world.