Handsome child

“Kenan is the handsomest child” – was the first thing the doctor told me when I asked about Kenan’s condition. He was moved to the Secondary ICU, but still there are some issues he’s struggling with.

Kenan’s body is very floppy. He can’t really move his arms or legs. The doctors are concerned he has sustained neurological damage. They will do tests and Kenan will receive physio-therapy.

In addition to that, doctors discovered fluid around Kenan’s heart. But gladly the echo today looked already much better than yesterday’s. I also went with Kenan and his mother to have a chest X-ray done.

It was a big day for Kenan. After the X-ray, he slept shortly and than a nurse fed him with a feeding bottle to find out how well he can suck and swallow. He is a strong guy and could drink a little bit. But he still has to practice a lot. A better pacifier should help him with practicing.

During all the time I spent today with Kenan’s mother, I realized what a wonderful mother she is. She is already friends with many nurses. And all the doctors and nurses love little Kenan.

When we walked through the Secondary ICU,  nurses came to Kenan because they were so happy to see him. Please pray for this lovely little boy, that he soon will be better and the doctors can help him further. God brought him already so far!