Happily discharged to Jaffa

Today co-worker Sabrina and I were visiting our happy boy Mohaned and his wonderful mother in Sheba Hospital.  His mother is always so pleased to see all of us when we come to the hospital ward.  It was the same way today.  She welcomed us, embraced us, and said in English, “I miss you!” Such lovely greetings for our coming.

Our sweet boy Mohaned was sleeping peacefully during this time. But not for long. After some time, he woke and did not want to stay in his bed. My co-worker Sabrina took him in her arms. He loved it and stayed quiet for a long time. It is unusual for him not to cry a lot.  Thank God for healing our sweet boy. Yes, the general condition of Mohaned is very good and his recovery after surgery is complete. What a blessing.

Mohaned’s mother was waiting to find out if Mohaned would be discharged from the hospital today and I discovered that he was being disharged to the Jaffa house, which made his mother very happy. Plus the hospital gifted Mohaned and his mother with a brand new stroller. What a blessing.

Everyone at the community house was happy to see Schlingel back home! He and his mother will stay with us one week more at which time he will have a cardio check-up at Sheba centre.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! We see a miracle story where Mohaned is concerned. We are so thankful.