Happy and feeling well

This morning, coworker Rachel and I were excited to find Mariya happy and feeling well. She has been without a fever all weekend, and if her echo tomorrow is good, the doctors would like to discharge her to Jaffa this week.

It’s good to see Mariya feeling so well after several weeks of fevers. She loves watching videos of her big sister back home, and she’s learning to blow kisses, which always makes her mother giggle. Her mom was also in good spirits today; when I asked how she’s doing, she told me in Arabic, “Mariya is well, so I am well.”

Beautiful little Mariya has now been at Sheba hospital for over a month since her surgery. Thanks be to God, her heart is in very good condition now. The doctor on the pediatric ward shared that the cardiology team is ready to discharge her to return home. However, she still has some other health challenges, including a problem with her kidneys and an inability to eat without an NG tube.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors going forward and for complete healing for sweet Mariya.