Happy and Smiling

We met a happy and smiling Hassan today. He played with Margarita and loved the attention he was getting. Hassan’s Aunty was also happy to see us and asked after Alena with whom she has been able to form an especially close bond. 

Hassan has been recovering well from his surgery with his chest wound healing beautifully and no longer requiring a dressing. He still requires monitoring but we hope to have a full medical report soon and an update as to ongoing treatment. Hassan’s biggest concern at the moment is that one of the intravenous drugs he needed tissues a few days ago and leaked medication into the surrounding area. This led to a wound forming on his ankle as the skin died. Despite the nasty looking sore, Hassan enjoyed us tickling his feet and had no problems moving around his cot like any baby his age. 

Please pray for continued healing for Hassan who has had a very long hospital stay in his short life.