Happy dad and son

When I came to the Sheba Medical Center Pediatric Cardiac ICU to visit Mohammed and his dad, a nurse was checking him with a stethoscope. Then I went into the room and saw Mohammed awake, with opened eyes and without the ventilator. For me it was the first time seeing him since he had had his surgery and it was so encouraging to see Mohammed smiling and looking so good. Also his dad was very happy and told me that Mohammed is doing very, very well. Then little Mohammed was washed and dressed into some new clothes so I could take these nice pictures of him.

Another nurse came into the ICU area and told me that they want to move him out of the ICU today to the normal Pediatric Station and that they are thinking about discharging him and bringing him to a hospital in Gaza near their home.

Thank God for this quick and very good recovery process of Mohammed, please pray that it will continue.