Happy day

It is a happy day for Lalo and his mother today. After three weeks in Sheba Hospital, they could return back to our Jaffa community home. Another Kurdish  family also staying at our community home,  came outside to welcome us as we arrived in Jaffa. There was so much joy, like a very special moment.

“Ballou’s” recovery took some time. After his last Catheterization, he needed oxygen, a blood transfer, his hemoglobin was too low or his heart was beating too fast. But the doctors wanted to wait and see how Lalo’s condition would develop.  The balloon dilation did bear its fruit after all, which is what the doctors had hoped to see. The mother of Lalo had waited for her beloved son to improve and when she did not see improvement, she became discouraged.

But thank you all for your prayers. The happy day did eventually come. Ballou is doing well, without oxygen assistance and has been discharged to Jaffa. Oh happy day!

Please keep praying for this lovely family.