Happy discharge to Jaffa

Haveen’s lovely mother called me today to say she and beautiful Haveen were ready to be discharged from Sheba hospital to our community home in Jaffa today, and would I could come to collect them please.

When I arrived, Haveen was already sitting in her stroller ready to leave, her mother nearby. I hugged them both and expressed how happy and thankful I was for what God has been doing so far in Haveen’s life. It was a lovely moment and I was so happy to see this mother smiling so bright because she knows that there is a glimpse of hope for her daughter now. The waiting time hasn’t been that easy for Haveen’s mother, even though she never complained about it. However, there is more hope on the horizon now, and for that we’re all very thankful, but none more than her mother.

I helped them bring their bags into the car when Sebastian arrived to bring them back to Jaffa, and I took Haveen out of her stroller to carry that bundle of joy from the elevator to the car. I have both Haveen and her mother in my heart.  When we arrived, Sebastian took them into the Jaffa house where Haveen took some medicine, according to their schedule.

Thank you so much for your prayers for these two, and please continue. Even though there is hope for a surgery for Haveen, it won’t be an easy one, but I am thankful and convinced that everything is in God’s hands and he knows what is best for all our lives.