Happy Echo with smiling baby and joyful grandma


With open arms and hearts we welcomed Hussein and his grandma in the morning at the Gaza border to bring them to the hospital for a Follow-up. What a privilege to meet them again and to see how our loved little patient is developing!

He has grown quite a bit since he left the hospital 43 days ago! But even more we recognized that he got much stronger. When our lovely boy was laying on the doctor’s couch during his Echo, he didn’t stop wildly moving around. He just continued having fun moving his two little arms as well as his tiny legs and larger head. He looked like he wanted to swim in the air!

But what we were most amazed about is his handsome smile. He also improved his charming smiling skills in Gaza. Little Hussein smiled a lot and therefore not only our hearts were touched, but he melted the hearts of the doctors, other patients and their parents as well! He really has a reason to be happy since he is doing very well. The result of his Echo is great! Praise God, the doctor was very satisfied. Also the cute Grandmother was in a very happy mood today. She seemed to wear her best clothes and showed such a joy to see the country outside of Gaza. Our beloved Grandma even asked me to bring her to Jerusalem for one or two days…

Thank God for his healing and caring for Hussein  and his family! Please continue to bring them to God in your prayers.