Happy girl discharged to Jaffa

The lovely Meera and her father were very happy today as they were pronounced discharged to our community home in Jaffa. This was really good news because they have been in Sheba hospital now for three months, a very long time. They were discharged once, but just for two days because Meera was re-admitted to the hospital. But thank God Meera is doing quite well now.

Meera’s father is always taking loving care of her and wanted us to double-check everything about her medicine and all the other things today as she was discharged, to make sure he understood everything right.

Meera is still on quite a lot of medicines, as she is still in a healing process. So please pray for her and her lovely father to have a nice time now in Jaffa, and for on-going patience for both of them. Meera’s next echo is on this coming Sunday.