Happy Hannukah

While waiting for a dentist appointment and being discharged to Ashdod, our sweet Lya got many presents today. After her admission on Saturday, she was treated with antibiotics against her tooth pain. Today the doctors told us that they will also send her to the genetics clinic to do a genetic test. They want to find out what exactly her genetic condition is and if se has more than just Williams syndrome. Her doctors also told us that they are trying for an audiologist to see her. Lya is deaf, but she could be a candidate for a cochlea implant that would enable her to hear. Although the Sheba staff make all efforts to help Lya as much as possible, we still have to wait for an urgent dentist appointment to fix her teeth and relieve her of the pain.

Between all those tests, Lya enjoyed her time in one of the little Sheba malls. When she came back to her room, a team of volunteers gave her many presents and some traditional pastries with the words “Happy Hannukah.“

It was so good to see Lya and her mother happy and welcomed by the Israeli people. Those volunteers are a real blessing to all those kids in the pediatric ward.

Thanking God that Lya’s situation is a little bit better by the happiness she felt during the Hannukah celebrations. We pray that all the necessary appointments will happen and that the doctors can help her.