Happy Homecoming

After over two months in the hospital, Wareen has come back to the Shevet house! The liquid in her heart has finally cleared after this long time, and we are so thankful. As Georgia wrote yesterday, her father had been expressing that maybe God hadn’t heard our prayers, but yesterday the echo showed that the fluid had dissipated, but just to make sure she was totally ready to come back to Shevet, they kept her one more night. So today Debi and I had the joy of bringing this princess back to Shevet!

When we got to the hospital Wareen was enjoying a bath that a nurse and her father were giving her, after many weeks of seeing her beautiful eyes be vacant, it was a wonderful surprise to see her smiling and giggling. Her dad packed up the numerous gifts she had amassed over her time in hospital, and once we had her medication and the discharge report we drove to Jaffa, where out excited staff ran out to greet Wareen and her father. She will have a follow up echo and a blood test next week, but for now we have such a sweet reason to celebrate. Our hope will never be put to shame, when it is in Jesus. Please join us in praising him for healing Wareen and for sustaining her father. How beautiful it is to write these words of Thanksgiving!