Happy Lya = Happy people

Our cute Lya has her first surgical intervention tomorrow. She is scheduled for a catheterisation to start treating her heart problems. Although it is her first admission ever, Lya was so brave and happy throughout the whole day. Everyone who knows Lya also knows that she wants to know everything there is to know and interacts with everyone she can see.

This was also the case before the echo the doctors had to take, when the doctors were talking about her she stood with them to be part of whatever they said. Her curiosity also made her enjoy almost every test she had to undergo and she smiled through all of them.

In the end, even the nurses had to smile because Lya was so brave and intrigued by everything they did. Right before I left I saw her walking through the ICU inspecting her new environment for the next days and waving at every doctor and nurse she could see. Lya made many people smile today.

Pray for Lya’s cath tomorrow so that she won’t be too nervous and that everything will go well.