Happy News

It was a fun day in the company of Roman and his mother today at the hospital. We went there with hope that this would be the final echo in Israel before he can return home, and thank God that the cardiologist confirmed our hopes today. Roman has grown so big over his time here, and he was a bit wriggly and cried in protest during the echo. No longer a tiny baby; he is able to let us know when he’s not so happy now!

He also is able to show us when he is really enjoying something too: Roman loves people chatting with him, and often will laugh and smile back. It is so fun to be with him and his devoted mother.

I finally got to hear the ‘Roman in Amman Airport’ story. I have been excited for the whole month or so to hear how Roman’s determined mother managed to raise the alarm while they were in transit on their way here, without speaking any English or Arabic. It turns out to be a beautiful story of the role of Sahand’s father and Roman’s mother helping each other out in the foreign land, and both committed to the welfare of little Roman with his failing oxygen levels. It was a moving story and I was pleased for the traffic jam extending our time together, so Julio was able to translate the entire story for me.

Please pray for the continued health of our miracle baby Roman. We will really miss them, but of course are so happy that they can see their family again.