Happy reunions

This morning coworker Luisa and I collected our little Balsam at Erez for her Echo follow-up appointment at Sheba Medical Center. On our way to the hospital we stopped in Ashdod to pick up the rest of the team, but in this time, half of our community ran outside just to see Balsam again. And this should not he the first reunion for today.

In the car she fell asleep and stayed asleep until her actual appointment started. There she cried just a bit, but calmed down very fast, which I am really not used to! She is such a brave child. The appointment was very short, as the doctor had immediately time for us. He told us that everything is fine, that Balsam should come back in three months for another Echo follow-up appointment and he even reduced some of her medication.

As soon as the appointment was over and all the paperwork was done, Balsam’s mother carried her daughter to a nurse to meet her again and she even sneaked inside of the ICU to meet all the nurses and doctors again from the time Balsam had her surgery. Everyone was so pleased to meet her again and wherever Balsam’s mother walked, she spread joy. It was so fun to follow the ways of the mother and see what impact she is having. After some more waiting time and funny chats with other Gaza-mothers it was time for us to leave the hospital and head home.

We had to stop again in Ashdod, where of course again some community-members wanted to see them again, until we started the last part of our way. It was a pleased good-bye and we are looking forward to the next time we will be able to meet adorable Balsam and her joy-spreading mother again.

Please pray for them, to not lose their joy and positivity. Give thanks to the Lord, our God, who provides for them, as the results for our little girl were really good today and as they could meet again a lot of people who helped them getting through a rough time!