Happy to be back in Ashdod

Our little Lawik came back to Ashdod today! Co-worker Lisa and I picked him and his sweet mother up from the hospital at noon. His mother was very happy to be back at the house in Ashdod. She was glad to see the other Kurdish families again, and she is already making plans to go to the nearby park with Lawik.

Lawik’s oxygen is still fluctuating, but the doctors decided to send him back for a little bit before his surgery next week. We will have to watch his oxygen closely over the next few days, as the doctors said we have to take him back to the hospital if it drops below 70% for longer than a couple of minutes.

Please pray that his oxygen will stabilize, and that it will stay at a safe level until he goes to hospital for his scheduled surgery. Thank you for your prayers for this precious little boy.