Happy to be discharged to Jaffa

When Co-worker Bria and I went to see little Aurfa and her lovely mother today at Sheba hospital, and told Aurfa’s mother that Aurfa is going to be discharged tday, she was extremely happy about it and she had a bright smile on her face. We are very happy as well that she is finally being discharged to our community home in Jaffa, since Aurfa had some difficulties with her recovery after her surgery.

Aurfa doesn’t like the hospital and thinks that everyone who is coming to see her there is either a nurse or a doctor and wants to do some kind of assessment for her. So it is a really nice break for Aurfa that she is back with us now and already a changed girl, smiling and happy.

She is doing really well now and is supposed to go back to the hospital cardiology department in one week for follow-up and in two weeks more, she needs to see the neurologist. One of her vocal chords is paralyzed which causes difficulties with talking, but the doctor said it’s just going to take time for Aurfa to figure out how to use her voice in a different way than she did before, and since she loved talking before, it’s probably not going to take her a long time to adjust.

But your prayers for Aurfa’s transition are much appreciated. Please also pray that both Aurfa and her mom have a nice time back at our community home and with the other families.