Happy to see the little gentleman again

When Co-worker Sebastian brought the three families from our Jerusalem Guest House to Sheba Hospital this morning for an Echo-cardiogram, they included the cheerful gentleman Fayez and his mother.

His friendly mum greeted me happily and I was also very pleased to see them both again after about a month. Little gentleman Fayez and his mother were one of the first families I met when I came to serve with Shevet Achim at the end of October. It was lovely to see them again today and our little gentleman has grown a lot in that month. He is growing into a big gentleman and still has the same happy smile.

Today he had to come into hospital for an Echo-cardiogram which he wasn’t happy about of course, from which it became clear that he may need a Catheterization.

In order for the doctors to make a decision on whether a Catheterization is needed for him, they would like to do another Echo-cardiogram in about three weeks. Today, I was allowed to bring the little gentleman and his friendly mum back to the border crossing with Gaza.