Happy to see them again

Wasim, who is now 18 years old, has been unable to get permission to exit the Gaza border and enter Israel in time for a previous appointment, and therefore today is the first time he has been to Sheba hospital since his discharge in June of last year. Alena and I remember his surgery day very well; twelve difficult hours in the OR, and the miraculous outcome that he is alive and well.

His mum told me today that it has also been difficult to see a doctor in Gaza during this time. Thankfully he has been reasonably well, although has some pain at the site of the pacemaker and sometimes his breathing isn’t easy.

Due to the long journey out of Gaza, through the Erez border crossing and into Sheba, Wasim was only able to attend his pacemaker check today. The brief outcome is that everything is working well with the pacemaker. He needs to have a full and detailed Echo with the Cardiologist, who wants the time to carry out this full assessment for him, therefore it was rescheduled for Wednesday of this week.

In the meantime, we are happy to enjoy the company of Wasim and his upbeat and kind mother at our home in Jaffa and then In Jerusalem tomorrow. As soon as they arrived to our home, Wasim’s mum insisted on whipping up a dinner for 14 people of a delicious maqluba.

We look forward to the Echo and knowing more about his condition.