Hassan returns for the next step

Dear Hassan is back in Israel for a catheterization tomorrow! In his short life he has had many surgeries and caths, and tomorrow will show us what is the next step for his treatment.

I was so happy to see him and his lovely auntie, although it’s much colder since the last time they were here. He was swaddled in a big blanket and many layers of clothes! When we stopped at the Sheba security check and his aunt had to go inside, I got to hold him for that duration of time, which was so sweet because most of the time he was here last time he had wires and cannulas attached to him. We looked at the pine needles of the trees around us and a nearby stray cat that was prancing back and forth on the sidewalk. It was a beautiful moment before we dropped them off at the children’s hospital for his admission.

Of course it is a pleasure to see him and his aunt once again, but I pray it will not be a hard ordeal for either of them. We ask for God’s peace for them and wisdom for the doctors, in Jesus’ name.