Hassan returns home to his family

When we arrived at the hospital today, Hassan was already discharged and ready to go home to Gaza.

We are so grateful to God that his procedure went so well, that he recovered quickly, and was discharged speedily so he can return to his family. He was thrilled to receive a lollipop from little Israa’s father, and plopped it right into his mouth wrapper and all. His smile is bright and beautiful and he blew us kisses while loading him in the car.

We took Israa back to the base and picked up a sandwich for his aunt, and headed to Gaza. The trip went very well and Hassan slept most of the way. When we arrived at the border we made sure that they had all their belongings and made it safely into the building before we headed back to Jaffa.

Hassan will be returning to Sheba for a follow up appointment in January to make sure that he is still doing well. Praise Be to God for a quick hospital stay for Hassan this time, and may he continue to work in the lives of this family.