Hassan’s second surgery

Praise the Lord, among many closed doors and complicated permissions, our precious Hassan was able to return to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem on Sunday for a much needed second surgery.

As Hassan is the only child in the family, his parents care a lot for him and called our office many times leading up to his appointment, asking for whatever they can do to ensure his permission to enter Israel. By God’s grace the permission was granted on Sunday morning and he arrived safely to Hadassah hospital.

Yesterday, he had his surgery. It was a long, almost seven-hour surgery. We are thankful that the doctors have given a positive report saying it went well without complications.

Today he was successfully extubated and as you can see in the photo, he was not too happy about it. Please pray for Hassan to have a quick and smooth recovery and for the pain to decrease as he tries to rest after such a big surgery.

Please also pray for the Lord to comfort his family and surround them in His perfect peace.