Haveen’s first assessment

Today was the day of beautiful Haveen’s first assessment. She came to the hospital looking like a princess and captivated everyone with her cuteness.

The echo was long and she was easily placated for the first half of the exam, but as it went on, she got increasingly frustrated and began strongly fighting to the point where it was very difficult for the tech-nician to capture images. The other Kurdish baby who had her appointment today, was also in the room at the same time as Haveen, and that child’s mother played a part in settling Haveen and supporting her mum.

Because of the complexity of Haveen’s heart, the doctor wants a CT scan of her heart before planning the surgery, so that is yet to be scheduled.

Haveen’s mum was her rock throughout everything today, including the blood test that took place after the echo.

In between tests, we stopped at a party the hospital was hosting just outside the children’s building, and had some ice cream before continuing the day.

Please be praying for this lovely family.